"Weird New Worlds came into existence because we thought we had finished the series, but couldn't quite let go of the world itself"
Paul Stewart[1]

Weird New Worlds was an Edge Chronicles blog created by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell, which documented a story about the Edgeworld which took place twelve years after The Immortals, written in the first person, telling the intertwining stories of an old grey goblin by the name of Hedgethorn Lammergyre and a young fourthling named Forden Drew.

The blog could be found here: but is now shut down. Some parts can still be found on Chris Riddell's blog and the whole archived blog can be found here.

Weird New Worlds is non-canon, as much of it was replaced by the Cade Saga.


  1. Q&A by the official Edge Chronicles Facebook: [1]

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