The Western Quays.


Twig and Cowlquape, browsing the announcements of departing sky ships in the Western Quays.

The Western Quays was the most affluent district of Undertown, consisting largely of grand, opulent palaces owned by successful Leaguesmen and even a few sky pirates. Like the Boom-Docks, the Western Quays also featured a large port for sky ships.

In 42 ᴇ.ʏ., a large section of the New Sanctaphrax rock disintegrated, falling upon the Western Quays and destroying it. The district subsequently became the deserted wasteland that was Screetown.


Role in the Quint trilogy

At the height of his career, Wind Jackal lived in a magnificent palace in the Western Quays with his wife and six sons. His evil quartermaster, Turbot Smeal, set fire to his palace, igniting the Great Fire of the Western Quays and destroyed a large portion of the area.

Role in the Twig trilogy

Twig and Cowlquape visited the docks of the Western Quays in search of a sky ship departing for the Deepwoods. They went aboard the Skyraider.

Role in the Rook trilogy

The Western Quays, along with half of the entire city of Undertown, was destroyed by falling debris from the stricken New Sanctaphrax rock, forming the desolate, monster-infested network of ruins known as Screetown.