Wilbus the Sly was a fighting fromp who fought in many brutal battles in Undertown, as well as on the 18th east staircase of the Viaduct Steps. In 15 ᴇ.ʏ., he participated in his first fight in Sanctaphrax, against Bruto the Brave, Magno the Claw and Smarg the Mighty. Due to him being an unknown fighter, his odds were originally 18-1, however the fight-master shortened them to 12-1 after Seftus Leprix bet 20 gold pieces on him. In this fight, he first killed Magno, cutting his throat using his tail spike. This left him in a one versus one fight with Smarg, who he killed after a few seconds. Upon this victory, he let out a triumphant squeal.[1]


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