"Why, you might as well find a low-sky cage right now! I obviously have nothing to teach you!"

-Wilken Wordspool

Wilken Wordspool was a professor who taught at the Fountain House in Sanctaphrax. He was disliked by his pupils. Quint and Maris attended his classes during the events of The Curse of the Gloamglozer.


Pompous, rambling, and irritable, Wilken Wordspool couldn't stand tardiness or disruptions, and spent all of his classes giving boring, endless lectures on the finer points of various disciplines of Sky-Scholarship. Like most academics of the era, he was extremely contemptuous of any academic endeavor which lacked an inherent air of grandeur and respect, particularly Earth-Scholarship.

Notable Plot Appearances

One day, when Quint was late for class, he stopped to look at Wilken Wordspool's portrait, and drew an arrow pointing at the professor's ear marked, "Open Sky", to indicate that the professor was an airhead. Later, in class, when Wordspool pointed at his own ear while describing Cloudcraft, Quint was forcibly reminded of his prank, and he chuckled, muttering the two words he had drawn. Wordspool heard him and became very angry. Though he was unaware of Quint's prank, Wordspool considered thought of Open Sky to be beneath sky-scholars. He shouted that Quint would never amount to anything and told him to get out of his classroom. At that point, however, Maris intervened, threatening to report Wordspool to the Most High Academe for his close-mindedness. Embarrassed and cowed, Wilken Wordspool retracted his statements to Quint and dismissed the class.

Notable Students