"So far as I'm aware, no captain has ever steered his sky ship into a weather vortex and lived to tell the tale."
—Wingnut Sleet

Wingnut Sleet was Twig's quartermaster aboard the Edgedancer and, later, the Skyraider. His face was horribly scarred by a tendril of lightning inside a weather vortex. After the Edgedancer was destroyed, he lived for a time in the Undertown sewers with Bogwitt, collecting valuables that made their way down into the sewers, until he and Bogwitt were reunited with Twig. He and Bogwitt stayed in Sanctaphrax while Twig went on his quest to find the rest of his lost crew.

Later, when Twig set off to find Riverrise, Wingnut Sleet accompanied him aboard the Skyraider. He was killed during a storm above the Deepwoods.

Wingut Sleet once mentioned that he once had dreams of finding a position in Sanctaphrax.