A Happy Wodgiss! card posted Christmas 2009 on Weird New Worlds

Wodgiss Night was a well-known Woodtroll celebration. The feast was supposed to raise the spirits and bring communities together in the harsh midwinter. A large parade was held, and many woodtroll delicacies, including tilder sausage soup, hammelhorn steak, glazed hammelhorn legs, tripweed, and the special Wodgiss Sausages, Wodge-Ale and spiced scones were served. Blazing fires were lit, everything was decorated with tiny lanterns and painted Sumpwood globes would hover in the warm air. According to Welma Thornwood there was a "queen" of the Wodgiss Parade.

The festivities were descibed in Customs and Practices Encountered in Deepwoods Villages.

Wodgiss Night in Weird New Worlds

In Weird New Worlds, the protagonists celebrated Wodgiss Night. Hedgethorn Lammergyre, the mayor of Farrow Lake had organised a great feast. It seems that the woodtroll tradition has spread and was celebrated in midwinter by many people in the Third Age of Flight. The traditional toast of Wodgiss Night was "Earth and Sky!".

Behind the Scenes

Fans of The Edge Chronicles have declared December 21st as "Earth Wodgiss Night". Chapter 49, entitled "Wodgiss Night" of Weird New Worlds was published on the 21st of December 2009. [1]