"I needed your courage, your stubbornness and most of all, your loyalty. We all needed that. And we still do."


Woodfish was a waterwaif and a crew member of the Edgedancer.

Role in Stormchaser

In Stormchaser, Captain Twig encountered Woodfish, who read his mind and offered his services. Twig saved him from Flabsweat's pet shop and recruited him to the Edgedancer crew with ten gold pieces.[2]

Role in Midnight Over Sanctaphrax

In Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, the Edgedancer entered the vortex of the Mother Storm on their quest to find Cloud Wolf[3]. Soon afterwards, the crew was struck by an incapacitating bout of sorrow[4].

Once the ship was doomed, Woodfish was launched from the ship as a shooting star. He landed close to the woodtroll village where Twig had been raised. The woodtrolls found Woodfish and brought him to the oakelf, Taghair.[1]

At the village, he dreamed about the locations of the other scattered crew members. Woodfish used the information he gleaned to guide Twig with whispers on his quest to find the missing crew members of the Edgedancer. During the journey, Twig didn't know the source of the messages.[1]

Later on, Twig found Woodfish in the woodtroll village where was raised. Though he could not provide his captain with answers about the whereabouts of his father, Cloud Wolf, Woodfish was able to tell Twig about his stone pilot's fate -- Maugin was awaiting them in Riverrise.[1]

Woodfish accompanied the crew of the Edgedancer on their journey to Riverrise to save Maugin. Woodfish lit the lufwood log that Twig and Cowlquape Pentephraxis used to sky-fire themselves, launching them towards Sanctaphrax[5].

Woodfish, Maugin, and Goom were left at Riverrise, patiently awaiting Twig's return.

Later life

When Twig was sky-fired from Riverrise, Woodfish stayed for several years with Maugin and Goom. At some point, Woodfish left them to travel the Edgeworld. He brought a supply of restorative water from the Riverrise spring, and when his supply was exhausted, Woodfish died peacefully -- at an unknown location in an unknown year.[6]

Role in Weird New Worlds

When Twig was sky-fired from Riverrise, Woodfish stayed for several years with Maugin and Goom. After many years, Woodfish left, carrying hollow fruits filled with water from the Riverrise spring. He traveled the Edge for several centuries, kept alive by the properties of the water. His travels took him to the Farrow Ridges, where he met Forden Drew. Soon after, he left to continue wandering in the Deepwoods, his supply of water nearly exhausted, but his mind at peace with the prospect of his mortality.


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