Woodsalvia was a fragrant plant found in the Deepwoods, with dark succulent leaves that secreted a pale purple juice. The juice was used in woodsalvia balm, a salve used for prowlgrins that smelled of bristleweed tea.[1]



Eudoxia tending to Tallix with woodsalvia balm

Balms made from the juice of woodsalvia leaves soothed chafing and blisters and was traditionally used on prowlgrins to alleviate saddle-rash.[1]

When Nate Quarter visited the Prade Mansion in New Lake, after meeting with Felftis Brack, he and Slip encountered Eudoxia Prade. She was applying woodsalvia balm to his prowlgrin, Tallix, below its nostrils and on its back -- in order to treat the chafing from the double saddle. Before she left, she gave Nate a bundle of woodsalvia leaves.[1]

Behind the Scenes

Salvia is a plant in the real world, a type of sageleaf originating from Mexico, with psychoactive and hallucinogenic properties due to the presence of opioid-like chemicals within.[2]


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