The Xanth Filatine was a sky-tavern phraxship active during the Third Age of Flight, and featured heavily in The Nameless One and Doombringer. In design, it was identical to the Deadbolt Vulpoon, suggesting both ships are of the same classification. It was named after the inventor of phraxflight, Xanth Filatine.


The Xanth Filatine was a vast phraxship and had a huge number of inhabitants. Its lowest decks were known as The Depths, and were home to criminals, the poor and desperate, and others from the lowest rung of society; controlled by the brutal gangleader, Drax Adereth. Conversely, the top deck was home to a Grand Salon, an enormous recreation centre where the richest and most influential of the tavern's passengers could relax in style and comfort, play a hand of Splinters, and take a hanging basket down to view the Deepwoods up close.

Like the majority of phraxships, the Xanth Filatine had its phraxchamber on its top deck, located centrally and secured via an internal mast, likely made of ironwood. Like the rest of the ship, the phraxchamber was huge, many dozens of times larger than the average person, and of comparable size to the flight-rock of the Bringer of Doom.


The Xanth Filatine regularly travelled a route from Great Glade to Hive and back, stopping at many points along the way - notably at the Farrow Ridges. Its route can be assumed to be highly circuitous, as the Farrow Ridges were much farther from Great Glade than Hive was, and would take much longer to reach than simply travelling in a straight line.

Notable inhabitants